Welcome to Tracy Peterson’s yoga website, a place where you’ll find information about Tracy’s philosophy and approach to yoga, her current schedule in Oakland and the Bay Area, and resources about mindfulness, doula services, and wellness.


Tracy is a yoga teacher, intuitive guide, and doula who believes that wellness starts from within. She trained for over 300 hours at her home ashram in India learning traditional hatha yoga and pre/postnatal yoga. The blend of hatha and vinyasa yoga as well as pranayama (breathing techniques) has led to her unique teaching where she ultimately aims to bring balance in mind, body, and spirit to her students. Tracy is beyond thrilled to take what she has learned through self-study, travel, and years of practice to the community of Oakland and the Bay Area.

Current Classes

Gentle Yoga & Meditation

The hour-long class is aimed for all-levels students to start your day in the best way possible! This class flows slowly to cultivate a balance of inner strength, muscle flexibility, breath techniques, and meditation. Poses can be modified to fit individual practices from class to class, to keep you engaged and excited to practice early in your day. Suitable for all levels of practitioners.

Wake up, slow down, and soak it all up.

Thursdays 9:15-10:30 am at A2 Yoga

2030 Commerce Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 | 734-216-4006

Prenatal Support

Each and every woman and her family should have the right to prenatal support with the guidance and wisdom of professionals. As a certified prenatal yoga teacher and DONA-trained doula, the type of support I offer stems from these fields. Copious of studies have proven the positive effects of both prenatal yoga and having a doula on the overall health of not only the new baby, but the mother, and family as well.

As an advocate for maternal health, I will use my skills and knowledge to ensure every mother feels confident, empowered in her choices, and nurtured unconditionally.

Details about yoga— Prenatal Yoga

Details about doula services— Doula Services


Here are some thoughts that my students and fellow yogis have shared. Do you have a suggestion for me? Please, get in touch!  🙏

Joy (owner of Joy of Yoga)

Tracy is the type of person who, when it comes to her craft, stays dedicated, grows exponentially, and contains a willingness that sets her apart from many. As a yoga studio owner, it has been a great joy to watch her grow as a teacher over the past two years. Tracy was not only a disciplined and well prepared teacher, she quickly became part of the team, and most importantly, a member of the yoga community in St. Louis. Her consistency for class preparation and the willingness to teach other people’s classes, even with a moment’s notice, made her an integral part of the studio both as a teacher and a friend. The feedback from students was always positive, people love her creative classes! I have no doubt that Tracy will do well wherever she goes, she is the kind of person whose light always shines bright.


I practiced Hatha with Tracy for more than a year before she moved to Michigan. My experience with her was first rate; I switched studios to continue to practice with her. Tracy’s teacher skills are very strong. Her extensive training has given her considerable knowledge of all aspects of yoga, not just the asanas. She is also very  effective in leading the practice since she is quite articulate, gives careful and accurate instructions, and demonstrates in an organized manner. Her classes are always well thought out and innovative — I would call them creative Hatha. They are also a lot of fun. Each one tends to have some sort of theme, e.g., focusing on poses named after birds, or working towards inversions, or backbends. Tracy also does a very good job on making the class really “all levels.” For example, I have been in several practices with her where there were real beginners and advanced practitioners, and everyone went home feeling like they got what they needed. Finally, Tracy is a caring and patient instructor who helps everyone along their yoga path, and is also funny, easy going and genuinely nice to everyone (even by yoga standards!). I miss her and her practice.


It’s hard to put into words how incredible, motivating, and fun Tracy’s classes are.  From unique and challenging transitions to themes (hey there, Bird Flow) she encourages her students to make the most of their yoga practice and not to underestimate their ability. She offers an approachable and encouraging practice for beginners through experienced practitioners. I am a stronger and more confidant yogi thanks to her teaching.


Tracy’s classes are always a treat. Even though I have been practicing yoga for several years, every time I take a class with Tracy, I walk away having learned something new that I have never done before. Tracy makes sure that there is a balance of asana, breathwork, meditation, and philosophy in all of her classes, and I always leave with something that I can put into practice off of my yoga mat.


Tracy’s practices are always very dynamic and, many times, have themes running throughout them such as back bends, twists, or binds. Nor are the asanas always just static. She often modifies them in fun and innovative ways to challenge you and incorporates transitions that really help you connect your mind and body. Above all, though, her infectious, fun attitude makes even the beginning student feel right at home in her classes and believe that anything is possible with yoga, from a flow between hand-knee pose and revolved half moon, to the stillness of Savasana. She shows great respect for her students by demonstrating any advanced poses that she has planned for later in the class. Her flows are well-paced, methodical and intense, and combine movement, breathing, mindfulness and philosophy to not only help you gain greater range of motion, but to also help you come to know yourself. Anyone who takes her classes is in for a real treat.


Tracy’s offerings come from her heart. She was able to guide me back into my practice after being away from the mat for months. When I became pregnant I trusted her knowledge and skills to keep me and my baby safe while in mixed level classes. I was able to safely attend and felt comfortable finding my new edge and practice while pregnant. I had studied yoga for years and always felt challenged, invigorated, and brought back into balance after attending a session with Tracy.