-Intention & Extension-

Tracy has created a 60 minute yoga formula that is custom-designed for the student’s body, time, and health. The session includes meditation and brief dialogue (intention), the yoga practice (asana), and ultimately how to take that off the mat and into every day (extension).

Everything that happens on the earth starts with an intention. An intention is a guiding force of how you want to live, be, and show up in the world. If people can harness the power of intentions, they can tap into a well of happiness, health, and fulfillment.

Once intentions have been set, it’s important to let them grow naturally, without forcing or fearing. The yoga practice following intention setting helps to do just that. It helps the student get out of their head, into their bodies and breath, and see what it feels like to simply show up.

After the session, the student will naturally extend the intention into their lives. It’s important to trust the flow of the work, knowing that it’s enough to speak out loud your needs, to practice kindness through yoga, and to find stillness­; and in that stillness, possibly peace.

-How it works-

(Intention) First ten minutes- Tracy and the student talk about what intentions look like and mean to them, as well as how to cultivate awareness about the intentions.

(Intention) Five Minutes of meditation and breathing practice to set intentions.

(Extension) Forty minutes of yoga (asana).

(Extension) Last 5 minutes in savasana to integrate the yoga and intention.


Initially, there is a free twenty-minute practice for the student and Tracy to connect. It is a condensed version of the Intention & Extension 60 minute practice for the student to decide if this style and purpose is right for them.

After the Initial Visit, if student decides to book-

  • Minimum of three sessions.
  • Skype/phone: 60 minutes per session
  • Fee: Sliding Scale – $55-95 per one hour session


Tracy will offer detailed, one-on-one instruction and adjustments focusing on your specific needs as well as the Intension & Extension 60 minute practice. In-person sessions can be held at the comfort of the student’s home or can be arranged at a local yoga studio.

Tracy also offers a more ‘classic’ private yoga session, for those interested in one-on-one work without Intention & Extension.

  • Minimum of three sessions.
  • In person: 60 minutes per session
  • Fee: Sliding Scale -$105-135 per one hour session PLUS any additional rent (if not using student’s home)

Contact Tracy to set up a date and time and to talk about pricing:  tracy@tracyoga.com

Corporate class prices available upon request.