The world is intense.

It takes possibility-based practices to process intensity. We all know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and under-joyed, which leads to numbing the pain of the world and results in numbing ourselves.

That’s where possibility comes in. Tracy is here to guide students to feel fully alive and present in every practice, with offerings to wake up in their body, instead of falling back asleep in their lives. If this sounds like you, remember, you are alive right now for a reason. You are being called to your Becoming.

Please join Tracy for the Being Body (Thursdays) an hour of movement opportunities for you to return to you!


What to expect in class with Tracy:

Movement modalities ranging from yoga, free movement, and strength building, as well as breathwork and meditation.

All who come will be supported, encouraged and celebrated.

Classes are 60 minutes, and offer a body-positive, beginner-friendly, and inclusive approach.

Tracy’s classes are offered virtually in a private coaching format, small groups, and virtual group classes through Zoom.

Virtual Zoom Class Schedule

the Being Body – Thursdays (from 4/15-6/17 class is 7:45-8:45am mst) 8:00-9:00am Mountain Time

Payment Details

Every class is on a sliding scale.

Being Body $7-$13

Before class, please consider your energetic exchange amount. No matter how much or little you can pay, you are worthy of being here. These ranges reflect only a certain amount of circumstance, please pay what you are comfortable with. For example:

Please Venmo @tracyoga or PayPal before the start of each class. 

If the sliding scale is out of reach, please email directly. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.