Pregnancy and Yoga work symbiotically. As a woman becomes more in touch with her body and mind by practicing mindfulness with the use of breathing techniques and yoga movements, she will already have cultivated rituals and practices to aid in a positive birth. The health benefits of prenatal yoga extend off the mat into birth and beyond to promote not only the baby’s health and for the mother simultaneously. Similar to other types of prenatal preparation classes, yoga gives women and families an outlet to stay physically healthy, while also receiving balance between the mind and body, bringing confidence into the birth.

A consistent prenatal yoga practice will enable each woman to connect with her baby and her breath. The yogic exercises (asana) softly stimulate reproductive organs, gently open and strengthen the pelvis, and create space between the hip bones, ultimately building stability and ease to support the journey of pregnancy. The practice of meditation and breathing exercises (pranayama) raises levels of awareness, relaxes the mother’s body and mind, and also offers tools to cope with the pain during contractions.

All stages of pregnancy and yoga levels are welcome.

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