I am still amazed and humbled when I think about the fact that babies grow inside of us. It blows my mind every time.

I do also, know about birth. I have studied (DONA training, certified pre/postnatal yoga teacher, and Gentlebirth Educator) and I have worked as a doula, birth coach, and yoga teacher for several years. 

I have found that I best serve a birthing person and their family as a Birth Coach. That is because I believe education and advocacy, paired with self-compassion and mindfulness, is a human right.  

Signs we will work well together-

You have an interest in learning the physiology of birth and how to use it to your advantage come birth time.

Movement and mindfulness is important to you and/or you are ready to incorporate such practices into your life.

Learning and working with your hormones pre, during and post birth to ensure optimal balance is appealing to you.

If any of the above resonate with you, let’s get in touch. Tracy is available for 30 – 90 minute Birth education and movement/mindfulness {virtual} classes.

Birth is a time for you to amplify your needs. You are your best and first advocate. I’ll help teach you why, and how to convey that fact to others. 

I am available {virtually} at sliding scale prices, with priority to BIPOC. Contact me via email tracy at tracyoga dot com